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Pork And Curry

“Pork is yummy, yummy, yummy

It fills my tummy, tummy, tummy

But it takes my money, money, money

This sounds funny

But pork is my buddy

It makes me feel hungry

Now I want curry

My curry is blurry

It tastes so bourgeoisie

That’s the end of my poetry

Now I’m not hungry



“Life has become drained of originality,

Success has a different definition,

Creativity has been forgotten,

The battle for individuality has been lost.


Opinions have the power to change the world,

Find where your devotions hide,

Seek the new rebellion with the fear of being forgotten.


Compose your life,

Write your future and recite your past if you so desire.


“Just a normal day

Like no other way

We’re chilling in class

Until they came to harass

They threw candy at us, and called us bad

We started filming and they started yelling

Until the bell rang

We all went to our classes

And followed our lessons

When the last break hit,

They came and found us

And tried to surround us.

It worked!!


They took her phone

And deleted the videos

There were people screaming and crying

Me and my friends thought that we were dying

The boys couldn’t see us when we were surrounded,

We tried to fight our way out but it was really crowded,

We’re trying to stay brave

Until the teachers came

After that we found something deep, deep and dark,

That we never wanted to know.

Short Stories

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School Horror Story

Written by Imane El Bouchtaoui & Vallina Angel Zichem

It was a Monday morning on October 25 when it happened. Lucy was attending History class at 10AM. There was always something fishy about Miss Clark, her History teacher. She would always make these scary faces when nobody was looking, except for me. Her eyes turned red  everytime I looked at her. But besides that, the day was just fine.

After History class we would always have lunch breaks on Mondays, but on October 25 everything took a turn. Miss Clark took me by my hand when I was about to go to the restroom. She took me to the janitor's closet, which was a very dark room. She flashed a light in my face and started looking at me dead in the eye, and there it was. I started seeing her eyes turn red again. She also gave me an apple which was very mysterious but I just ignored it and went with my gut.

After a couple of hours I started feeling dizzy and started seeing everything dubble. So I rushed to the restroom to wash my face. After washing my face with water, I looked in the mirror and saw my reflection waving at me in a scary way. Then I saw that my reflection wanted to come out of the mirror but before that could happen a girl from my Art class came in and asked me if I was okay because I looked pale. So I took my bag and rushed out of school before she could say anything else.  

The next morning I woke up on the couch because I probably fell asleep while watching the tv in the living room. But its a bit strange because my mom usually wakes me up to go sleep in my bed when I fall asleep in the living room. So when I woke up I directly went to my parents room and they were both gone. I checked all the rooms in the house accept for the basement.... I checked the time on my phone display and it was already 7:45 am I had 15 minutes to get ready and got to school but I still wanted to see if my parents were in the basement. So I do  rushed to the basement and I saw allot of boxes and behind all those boxes I saw a mirror. A very old one and I checked the mirror out because I never saw that mirror in our house before. But when I touched the mirror.... I saw my parents in there for 1 second and there it was again me in the reflection but a scary version. I couldn't do this again so I went back upstairs to get ready still knowing my parents are in the mirror. It almost felt like i was in those horror movies... I got my backpack and ran to school since I live 5 minutes away. I saw that girl from art class again in the hallway. I tried to ignore her but she walked up to me and asked me if I was okay since the whole thing from yesterday. "yes,yes I'm fine" I said. "Oh are you sure? I'm Feranda". "GOSH JUST LEAVE ME ALONE'' I told her and she went silent. I had history again and it was 8:29 so I ran to my class that was on the 3th floor. The bell rang and just in time I went in the classroom. Miss Clark gave me this dirty look and came towards my way I was about to take a seat when she held me back and asked me why I was late. "Isn't this like the 5th time you are late to my classes" Miss Clark said and to be honest she wasn't lying because I'm always late to Miss Clark's classes. "I'm sorry miss, something came on my way" I said. And took a seat in the back of the classroom. The bell rang again after an hour "YOU'RE DISMISSED" Miss Clark said. I went to the restroom after class to use the toilet. I went to wash my hands and then I looked in the mirror and saw my reflection wanting to grab me but I jumped out of the way and she came out of the mirror instead... 

"Hi I'm Lucy" Lucy's reflection said. "NO I'M LUCY" Lucy said. Ugh whatever! And lucy's reflection pushed Lucy in the mirror that was still open and lucy was stuck there. She looked around and she saw a door. She went inside the door and saw her parents handcuffed and tied to the ground. "OH MY GOODNESS, WHAT HAPPEND?" Lucy untied her parents and helped them up. But al of a sudden they all heard a thud. "Help, I have nobody to play with..." The voice said. And then it went silent... "We should follow the sound and see what's going on" Lucy said. They all followed the sound that was saying the same thing over and over again "Help, I have nobody to play with...". We found the room were the sound was coming from and saw a little girl around 5 feet with black hair and a pale face and a white dress standing in the middle of the room with a glass doll in her hand... "You came, I'm Annabell come play with me." Annabell came in full speed rushing to Lucy and her parents with a knife but before she did something...  

Part 2 coming soon!!!