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Apple at School

Welcome to our first article on Bits of Libanon!

We are writing an article about the Apple Event that happened on March 8th, 2022.

We hope you enjoy reading this article!

Written by Cas van Helleman & Tom van de Reep

There are a few apple products at our school. Some children at school have an iPhone and maybe an iPad or a MacBook. Personally, I (Tom) have an iPad Mini 4 and an iPhone 8 Plus. Some teachers have a MacBook. We don't get a MacBook or any other Apple products for free at our school but that is understandable because Apple products are expensive.


About the Event

In the apple event on March 8th there were new products released such as the iPad Air, iPhone SE, new Alpine Green colour for the iPhone 13 & 13 Pro, a PC manufactured by Apple, the mac studio. This article is about Apple products in our school.



Our plans for Apple at school 

If you don’t count the two iMac’s in room E01, we don’t have Apple products at school. So, in this part of the article we are going to describe our plans for Apple at school

Students: for every student at Libanon Lyceum Rotterdam we want an iPad or a MacBook (such as MacBook Air). The student gets a discount on a MacBook. After they finish school, they can keep it. If you choose a MacBook you need to pay 50%, and if you choose it you will do all the work on a MacBook and they can use it at O&O and Media & Design as well. In C03 there will be just high-quality monitors with an HDMI cable so the students can connect their MacBook to the monitor.

Libanon Lyceum 



Written by Noura Oilad Adj Amar

The Libanon Lyceum Rotterdam is home to about 630 students and 104 teachers. Each enrolment and graduation changes people, although this historical school has had immense influence on all of us as students and educators, mutually we are all a part of its history as much as it is a part of ours.


The Libanon Lyceum was founded in 1909 by the first principal, Mr. J. Holwerda. The school started off with a 5-year course, and four years later in 1913 the school moved to a different building on the ‘Libanon straat’, that’s how our school acquired its name.

Later, the street was renamed to the ‘Ramlehweg’, where the main building still stands today. The building is considered a national monument and has many historical aspects to it such as a commemoration plaque with names of students and teachers who didn’t survive WW2, along with a passage written by Leo Vroman. It quotes: "Kom vanavond met verhalen hoe de oorlog is verdwenen, en herhaal ze honderd malen: alle malen zal ik wenen."

The existence of this very institution runs deep within the past of this city as well as those who consider themselves a part of the diverse community, we call our school.


Written by Cas van Helleman.

The Technasium has one subject: Research and Design, abbreviated R&D. The students who follow this course work in projects of seven or eight weeks on solutions to existing technical or technological problems, commissioned by a real company or institution.

A project always results in a research report or a design supported by a report.

In the form of a pitch, the result is presented to a jury, consisting of teachers and the client.

Every project starts with a kick-off on location, where the client gives an explanation of the assignment.

The students work in small groups; they learn to think creatively, collaborate and divide tasks, make a plan of action, do preliminary research, make a research design, write reports, build models, sketch technical and 3D drawing and finally present their product.

The course has a continuous learning trajectory, from the first year to the end exams, for which a master test is taken. Each project is preceded by a related skills training or course. You could see the R&D course as an introduction to a (technical) university.


My experience with O&O

I have a very good expierience with O&O, I like the subject very much. At the moment I am working on a project called "Biodiversiteit in het Kralingse Bos" (in English: Biodiversity in the Forest of Kralingen) The day that I wrote it, I went to the Kralingse Bos. There, I did some reasearch to the biodiversity in the forest, I took photo’s and collected moss. Usually in O&O, you do reaserch behind a laptop and do some fun stuff like making a model.  O&O is very fun!

First year of secondary school

In this article we are going to write about how we feel about our first year in secondary school and about our experiences.

So, let's read on!

Written by Lu Yi Liu, Imane El Bouchtaoui, Zari Ahmed

Zari: ''So, Lu Yi how was your first year at Libanon Lyceum?''

Lu Yi: ''I really like this school year so far; I've met many people and became friends with them. It's a very new experience for me because in elementary school you didn't change classes and I didn't have to walk this much. But it's actually much nicer than just sitting around. My new class is very nice to me, they feel like a second family! <3

That’s the end of my experience and I hope I can experience many more fun things at this school! And Imane, how was your experience?"

Imane: ''I had a lot of fun this year. I met many new people on our school camp and I befriended them! In the beginning I had to get used to all the new things, but I'm glad I could find my spot in this school. My school is very close to a beautiful part of nature. I always go walking in the park with my friends in during recess. I hope I can experience more fun things and befriend more people! Now Zari, how was your year?''

Zari: ''So, this is actually my second year in year one because I had to redo the first year. I had to do it again because my grades weren't high enough. To be honest with you, I like my second time in year one better than the first time. In my opinion, the students are nicer than last year. And last year we didn't go to camp and this year we did, it was very fun! I've gotten to know more people and that made my year better. The more friends I have, the better!''

That's what we wanted to tell you guys about our first year in high school! We all had fun and the teachers were very nice! I hope this article will maybe help you guys with your first years in secondary school!

Interviewing Two Teachers from Libanon Lyceum

Hello everyone we are Noura, Vallina, Lilly and Poé.

Together we interviewed 2 teachers and here is what they had to say…

Mr. Kolenbrander

Hello to everybody reading this, I am Mr. Kolenbrander. I started working at Libanon Lyceum since 2012 and have been working here ever since. I am a Latin teacher and I have 8 different classes.

I teach at the Mecklenburglaan and Ramlehweg.

My hobbies are reading, I really like Sci-Fi books, and gaming. When I was little I really liked the subject Latin but I also really enjoyed art and all of that stuff. Of course the corona pandemic had a really big effect on my classes. I found it really hard to teach online because you can’t really hear all the students and some students wouldn’t even attend the online classes, which was very annoying for me.

Furthermore, in this interview I got asked if I believe in ghosts and I don’t believe in ghosts because I don’t think that your soul just wanders around when you die.

Another thing that I was asked to answer was that if I could change anything about this school, it would probably be the drawings in the school cafeteria. Aside from everything that I have just said I want to you students some advice.

My advice is to stay in school, focus on your studies and never let the bullies get to you.

Mrs. Hemerik


Hi, I'm Mrs. Hemerik.

I've been teaching at this school for over 33 years. I feel that the school has been a supportive community. I teach 4 classes and have lived in the netherlands my entire life. I have two children, a husband and a dog.

Personally, I feel that corona continues to have both a postive and negative influcence on the students and their education at our school. I feel like their time online has enhanced their ablitity to use tecnology, yet at the same time I think being distanced from students has made them fall behind academiclly and mentally.

If I could change something about the school I would want each class to have their own room where they could sit at lunch.

The lowest grade I've given would probably be a 2 for a presentation, and the weirdest comment I've ever gotten was when I worked on an O&O project about floods. The students had to brainstorm on how to prevent floods. Someone said that we should all just buy a canoe and a helmet.

Well I think that it, bye!